Multifunctional Bed Pesto 44

Multifunctional bed with storage.



Bedmechanism with a dual function.
Because of the gas springs the bed is to open without effort.
The mechanism will lift up parallel to a Height of 70cm. Storage space is fully accessible.
The beech wood slats is in the ideal position for finishing the bed.
Bedmechanism is also accessable on the fronside.
Mattress Sizes

  • 85 x 195 x 18
  • 125 x 195 x 18
  • 148 x 195 x 18
  • 168 x 195 x 18

When the mattress in this position, you have an ideal working height for finishing the bed.
Made from quality materials. Available in different versions for occasional and regular use. Beds with innovative storage.

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