Sofa Bedmechanism 2010

Sofa with unique Bedmechanism.



Sofa with unique Bedmechanism.
With just a action you can fold the bank into a real bed.
The back and seat cushions do not have to be removed.
Manufactured of cold rolled quality steel.
Finished with epoxy resin in electrostatic furnace.
Equipped with Bayonet locking for easy installation of armrests.
Orthopedic bed of European quality.
Sleep height is 23 centimetre
Pocket matras 14 centimetre high
Length is 200 centimetres.
Matress Sizes

  • 75 x 200 x 14
  • 100 x 200 x 14
  • 115 x 200 x 14
  • 140 x 200 x 14
  • 160 x 200 x 14
Headrest also with storage space for pillows.

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